Vega Upgrade (Backorder Ships in 6-8 Weeks)

  • Notice: Out of stock - Ships 6-8 weeks from date of order. 

    VEGA is a modular upgrade for the Ready Rig GS +ProArm vest. The VEGA bolts onto the back of the Ready Rig, replacing the GS bungee cords with a new elastic counterbalance system. Vega's bands attach to the Ready Rig GS +ProArm rods and give much smoother action and full weight support throughout the boom range of the arms, floating the camera package at any height. This results in much smoother footage with reduced footsteps, improved user interface and makes the Ready Rig even better at capturing the shots you need it to.   

    Vega can be purchased as an upgrade or pre-installed on a Ready Rig GS +ProArm system.