Single Arm Mode

How To

1. Attach universal gimbal attachment to top handle of the gimbal

2. Stow one arm away

3. Attach arm to gimbal

4. Adjust support arm tension


While operating gimbals, Ready Rig can support the payload in both dual arm and single arm mode.

Single arm mode allows operators the ability to capture shots that are more difficult to achieve in dual arm.


1. Allows operators to have the lens inches above the ground without bending back.

2. Free Pan, easily pan left and right without the restriction of the dual arm setup.

3. ‘Don Juan’ mode: Run forward while the gimbal is pointing behind you.


1. Limited height: While it is easier to go into low mode, single arm makes it difficult to go above eye level.

2. Tilt is more difficult: Since the pick point is on the handle, the weight of the gimbal package will make tilting more difficult.

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