• Ready Rig

    Camera stabilization meets practical weight support.

  • Gimbal Support

    • Y axis stabilization, supports up to 30lb
    • Extended range of motion
    • Quick release connector for gimbals
  • Rugged

    • Carbon Fiber Rods
    • 1000D Cordura pack exterior
    • Precision engineered aerospace grade aluminium & only quality American parts
  • Mobile

    • Pass through a doorway or sit in a car with ease
    • Unpack and get to work right away
    • Light weight small footprint for travel
  • Reliable

    • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty / Replacement parts available
    • Made in Los Angeles
    • US-Patent 8,657,507 B2

100% American

Developing a new camera rig for gimbals and handheld meant using only quality parts, durable design and precision machining.

So naturally we made it all happen in the good old U.S.A.

Designed in LA


Secure Fit

Newly designed waist support system evenly distributes the weight across your hips.


Assembles in less than 2 minutes and fits into included carry case for easy travel, the fully assembled weight is 10lb.


The entire gimbal stabilizer vest can easily fit through a standard doorway allowing the operator more freedom of movement on set and less bumping into things.


By keeping everything close to the body we were able to make a system that maps to the operators sense of space.

  • Weight Support

    An ergonomic and adjustable backpack design distributes the camera weight off the arms and onto the hips, maximizing comfort and minimizing fatigue.


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Ready Rig GS is by far the best tool in its class because it perfectly mixes practicality and stabilization. The system completely eliminates the weight of the entire Movi package, giving operators freedom to capture dynamic shots otherwise impossible, while also allowing them to navigate the set without obstruction. Its because of this perfect blend that it is fast becoming the go-to gimbal support system of reputable cinematographers and operators in our industry.

Bonus – I really loved that me and assistants can make quick adjustments to the movi without having to dock, the GS completely supports the weight so both my hands are free.

Dave AnglinLocal 600 Camera Operator

We used the Ready Rig GS + ProArms with our MoVI M15 package on the pilot for the new series of 24 (24 Legacy).  It was super physically challenging, tons of MoVI and handheld.  And not only was the on screen action intense, the pace of production was equally demanding, I barely had a chance to dock the MoVI some days!  The GS allowed me to work fast without ruining my back.  And with a comfortable body I can focus all my energy on operating.

The extended arms are awesome.  We did a lot of low to high moves, and the telescoping arms system helped me work out these shots very quickly.  Another benefit of the extended arms, I could make the left side long and shorten the right side (or vice versa).  This sets the operator’s body up for parallel or 45 degree movements much more efficiently.  Finally, we had one particularly tall actor, and even though I’m 6’3, I really needed the extra height of the telescopic arms to be able to comfortably frame him at eye height.

All in all, I fell in love with the rig, it’s super comfortable.  I even started using it as a support rig for handheld when shooting hip height handheld shots.  I’d remove the left shoulder arm, and hang the camera solely from the right shoulder arm.  I actually found this to me more comfortable than an Easy Rig which I was more used to.

Nathan Levine-HeaneyCo-Founder MoVI Rentals Inc

I shot in neurosurgery with the RR for the first time and it was great despite the nurses’ jokes about my new “crazy contraption.” The rig allows me to move around the surgeon, reposition the camera quickly, and get very steady shots. Most importantly, I’m able to extend the camera to a high position and tilt down steeply getting the shooting angles I need. What surprised me most was how great my back felt after the shoot. No more long recovery times from lower back pain! The rig preformed exactly as I had hoped and it is well worth the investment.

Gary ArmstrongPhotographer / Neurosurgeon

The Ready Rig provides so much flexibility, range and freedom in the field, I can lock focus, look at the person I’m interviewing, and actually have an engaging conversation, which you typically cannot do without having the help of a crew. But, with the Ready Rig, I can adjust my lighting while I’m talking, I can experiment with different angles. All in all, it gave me much more confidence in being able to shoot all by myself.

Kristen JensenVideographer

What’s In The Bag

1 Ready Rig Frame
2 Shoulder mounts
2 Carbon Fiber Support Rods
2 Rear Tension Cables
2 Universal Gimbal Attachments

Tech Specs

Custom US Carbon Fiber
Machined Aluminum


26in x 16in x 10in

$2,250.00 $1,999.00