Vega features


Look forward to long days on set again.  VEGA completely supports your camera’s weight at all heights, making those difficult ‘above eye level’ shots a breeze.


Capture stunningly smooth shots with fingertip control. VEGA completely absorbs footsteps and unwanted motion while you operate.


VEGA is the next generation of gimbal support. Suit up and get in your flow in under 5 minutes.

Vega features

Modular by design

Purchase the full kit, or upgrade as you go. Our vests are fully compatible with the latest Ready Rig innovations. If you already own a Ready Rig GS, easily install the VEGA module within minutes.

fully compatible

Whether using a gimbal or operating handheld, VEGA is compatible with nearly every common setup. If you aren’t sure, reach out and we’ll let you know.

Built to last

We know set life can take a toll on your gear. Every Ready Rig is crafted with the highest quality materials and workmanship and is backed by a 3 year warranty*.


Upgrade from GS



  • Includes ProArm Upgrade

  • Bolt On Vega Upgrade

  • Improved Polycore Lift

    Quick Installation

  • Full Deposit Cancel Anytime

Ready Rig Vega Complete



  • Complete Vega Unit PreInstalled

  • Features Existing ProArms

  • Upgraded Soft Pads

  • Improved PolyCore Lift

  • Quick Release for fast Setup

  • Full Deposit Cancel Anytime