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Ready Rig VEGA v2 Upgrade

  • The evolution continues - introducing the next generation of the VEGA Upgrade.

    We have enhanced the VEGA to the next level. It is stronger and more reliable than ever and supports you to do your best work.

    -PolyCore Bands and Chassis reengineered for enhanced durability

    -VEGA v2 has been reengineered to be more user serviceable

    -New Arm Clamps come with VEGA v2 for quick stowing and redeployment of ProArms

    -Arm Clamps provide additional grip and safety when adjusting the power settings of ProArms

    -Enhanced PolyCore lift technology for fingertip control through the entire boom range

    -Helps reduce footsteps for smoother shots

    Upgrading to VEGA offers the highest level of performance and precision with an enhanced lift system that provides more stability and an even, balanced boom action while absorbing unwanted bounce motion. This ergonomic design enables you to extend your shooting time and lessens fatigue by redistributing the weight load to your legs and core. The VEGA vest also features a backside handgrip tailored for a spotter to guide you through even the trickiest shots.

    The VEGA bolts onto the back of the Ready Rig, replacing the GS bungee cords with a new elastic counterbalance system. VEGA’s innovative bands attach to the ProArms enabling smoother action and weight support, that can essentially float your camera package at all ranges.


    VEGA is changing the game for serious cinematographers, dissolving limitations with smoother camera control and more support throughout the entire boom range — providing the freedom of movement that enables you to create without limitations.