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Ready Rig GS Standard

  • Capturing the perfect take has never been easier — Ready Rig GS is the industry leading tool that allows you to push your creativity with total freedom of movement and weight support.

    The Ready Rig GS redistributes the weight of gimbal mounted and handheld camera builds to your legs and core, enabling you to shoot for longer periods of time with less fatigue. The Ready Rig GS is designed to reduce the bounce motion that can be experienced during handheld and gimbal shots.

    This kit is compatible with any gimbal in standard or underslung mode. The Ready Rig GS features a load capacity range of 1 to 30 pounds, carbon fiber support arms, and an aluminum frame. A durable zippered carrying case is included to store your kit which can be hand-carried or worn as a backpack.

    See your creations come to life with the Ready Rig GS.