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Welcome to the Ready Rig Community!

We're a family of filmmakers, passionate about providing you with products that unleash your creative potential. Mario Di Leo, my father, started his career 70 years ago in Italy working with some of the great Italian filmmakers. His career brought him to Hollywood where he found success as a Director and DP of some of our favorite classic TV shows.

We built the first Ready Rig prototype together with the dream to expand what is physically and creatively possible on set. Today thousands of filmmakers worldwide are using their Ready Rigs to tell compelling stories and advance their careers.

As camera operators, we understand that tools can make or break your storytelling journey. That's why our team works so hard to make the Ready Rig dependable, easy to use, and accessible to all filmmakers.

Below you'll find information you need to launch your Ready Rig journey.

We're so glad you're part of the family.

Alessandro Di Leo
Founder & CEO

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